Wholesale Mask Exports

As the Mask Coronavirus family, we export 3-layer masks to the world. Especially recently, the coronavirus pandemic, which has influenced the whole world, threatens all humanity extremely.
We are sending a 3-storey coronavirus mask the whole world from Turkey. All of our masks have 3 layers. They are hygienic and reliable masks. It also has certificates.

We can send the coronavirus masks to any country you want. America, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, Thailand, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Iran. So we can actually send it to the whole country of the world.
If urgent product is requested, we provide airmail shipping. If an average time is sufficient, we provide road transport according to the country’s road. We have a little more time. So if you think we can wait, we can provide shipping by sea.
So far, we have sent over 100 million masks to different countries. Along with the mask, we can also send materials such as cologne, disinfectant, gloves, visor mask, ethyl alcohol.
We supply, produce and ship every product you want about coronavirus. Please contact us for all your needs. info@maskcoronavirus.net