Coronavirus Protection

Coronavirus spread all over the world very quickly. The infectious disease that started in China continues to manifest itself in Iran, Italy and many other places. According to scientists, coronavirus will be finished in the summer months.

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Coronavirus and Prevention

Coronavirus is not actually a terrible infectious disease. So people must take precautions first. It is very important to wash your hands up to the poles with soapy water and gargle with salt water several times a day. Again, it is necessary to stop using tobacco products for supporting elements. Because coronavirus lives in this area, especially by penetrating into the lungs. It then reaches the kidney and heart point.
It would be best to not stay in the bulk areas until the virus subsides. It may be the best approach to approach people at most 1 meter and not to greet or greet hands.

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Recently, it is seen that 3-layer virus masks are sold at high prices. In such cases, it may be necessary to complain to important channels of the state.

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